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mediterranean art

David Monrós

Dins el xiringuitu, si està de cullons de miku ...

Aside from my artistic origins, within psycodelia and the underground world, which still resonate in these moments of maturity, my move to the island of Menorca, after an urban life and living on the edge in Barcelona, was determined by the influence that the sea has exerted and permeated in my work. The sea as a link to other aspects of life and its regression and further, my cultural root being deeply Mediterranean, providing that bonus of light and vitality.

From the fact that the origin of life began in the marine environment, the sea influencing the development of civilizations, relationships, leisure, market, conflicts, etc., to the impact that all this has on marine wildlife and vegetation, makes me more and more critical in my message, using the fish as a symbol and companion on the journey with humankind in aspects as controversial as leisure and the enjoyment of this world, or on the contrary, with our influence on its deterioration. This duality and constant hidden tension makes me feel the need, from time to time, for more spontaneous, visceral, irreverent, and less reflective processes to balance forces in a particular therapeutic and vital exercise.

That is why other themes or visions have a place in my universe, going back to past influences, such as comics, popart, illustration or advertising posters, among others.

Anarchic and chaotic, the changing maelstrom in which we live, like in Art, encourages me to test different styles or “modus operandi”, allowing me to experiment, be it techniques, themes or mediums, as well as palette changes or chromaticism as a full exercise of freedom.


Attitude and commitment