Attitude and commitment

I do not know if I have matured well enough over time, although I think I have learnt things. Either way, one tries to improve in every way. Improve with work, as a visual artist and as a person, even though the System and individual attitudes have led us to a limiting global situation. If we add the last pandemic and the fact that we are facing its consequences, this will surely bring about major changes, both individual and collective.

As long as that happens, as long as you live, live. That is why, some time ago, awareness and personal responibility brought out alternatives that are reflected in my day-to-day life, and now more and more, when what counts is precisely this, to live and try to enjoy it in harmony.

Many of the experiences I have had, will surely have much in common with those of others, but they are mine, and as a result of the pretenses and circumstances, they make me what I am today.

Among other questions affecting Humanity, and myself, as a member of it, for a long time we have had scientific information, they are the results that we are already suffering due to the mistreatment of the planet and its ecosystem.

As an individual, I, as a person and I, as a visual artist, have long been aware that we must go beyond discourse, towards an even greener practice, one that I try to carry out, not without imperfections, corrections or improvements, or bad habits to eradicate.

Some of this already floats in my work, despite an anarchic progression in addressing themes, visions and reflections, scattered and antagonistic at times, which in retrospect, begin to imbue themselves with a critical and ecological layer that is now more visible than ever, in a new idea of what my time in this world should be like.

My work, linked to the marine environment where I live today together with the origins of the inland people, to then move to a bohemian and urban life of countercultural and trangressive environments, now coexist, better or not, forming part of my unique self.

Critical sense, rebellion at times, calmness and serenity, more spontaneous thoughts or of more depth, joy and excitement, figures and fish, fellow voyagers after all. The emotions and characters that inhabit my work and that are the fruit of my day-to-day life or past experiences.

I hope that my fish will not be a premonition, that they will end up being, within my work, a testimonial presence of a recent past.